That Slime, The Boss-Monster: Chapter 2

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Here I did the same with the dialogue colors.

Unedited cuz I can’t be bothered.

Posted this before Hazure cuz it was shorter and a lot easier. lol. laziness prevails.


Slime Boss-Monster: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Okay so. Here’s chapter 1 cuz… I needed to translate something else before going back to hazure. don’t worry. still doing it too.

Erm… I colored the speeches cuz in English there is no difference between genders when speaking… and less between formal and informal speech. if it’s too distracting and unnecessary lemme know and I’ll make it all black again. Also… the author doesn’t have any use of paragraphs in this chapter cuz its basically all speech and I didn’t know how else to make it more divisible…

well whatever. You’ll see what I mean if you read it…


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Oh, and parts were also made by the author, not me.

Slime Boss-Monster: Prologue

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Hazure Skill. I just found this novel and after I saw that no one had picked it up yet… I kinda wanted to put down my stake in it. lol. Please do point out if you’ve seen it somewhere… translating it twice would be a waste of time right? lol

Anyway, lemme know what you guys think. I know the prologue isn’t much to go by… but I have to finish Hazure Skill first.

Here’s the synopsis.

Notice that slime, the boss-monster~
The lowest slime’s dungeon management story~

Author: Yousuke Tokino


Table of Contents

After graduating from dungeon-school, girl-dungeon-fairy Ciel was supposed to summon a boss-monster and make a dungeon. However, the dungeon-monster she ended up summoning was a slime.
Summoning a slime as a boss-monster was the lowest possible result, but as Ciel grieved over this, the slime suddenly spoke up in a human language. This is the full-fledged dungeon management success story of Tard, the lowly slime who can’t even use magic and Ciel, the dungeon-fairy who had already given up on happiness!

Well, I say that, but the slime’s subordinate is scouted with the help of a death-threat, the entrance of the dungeon becomes occupied by thieves, there is no way to know when they will be betrayed by friends and other than dealing with management, they also have to put up with the troublesome people that arrive in the village.

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Hazure Skill – Chapter 26

You guuuyyyyyyzzzzz. Tears came to my eyes at how appreciative you were of me continuing the series. And it made me so happy to see all your comments that I was like… Well, I’ll translate another one. So here is chapter 26.

Again, translation is as good as I could manage. Might be some strange stuff… and I didn’t edit it after… so whatever. lol (I try so hard right?)

Buy yah. ENJOY! Lemme know what you think.

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Hazure Skill – Chapter 25

Hazure Skill ‘Mapping’ wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Saikyou Party to Tomo ni Dungeon ni Idomu

Chapter 25 – Progressing, even if just a little

Translator: YukigaTokeru

Erm. First time translating something, be gentle. I wasn’t sure if people wanted literal translations or like… stylistic. So I kind of did both. I figured if you did literal translation of Japanese we’d be talking like: Concerning X…. I think so and so. So…. yeah, anyway. I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. My Japanese is pretty rusty, I am actually doing this because I want to practice… and I like the series. But yeah, let me know what you guys think and if I should continue.

Thanks for reading 😛

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